About Us

Terek J. Hunter, Founder/CEO/Global Operations

At Oryx Fit Africa, where health is our priority, our mission is lead you to “next level” living by focusing on your physical and mental well-being.

SWIFT: We strive to give our best effort and all we ask is for you to do the same through our fitness and empowerment engagements. My name is Terek, an award-winning, competitive athlete and head trainer of athletes and everyday citizens all over the world! I welcome you.

STRONG: As a global advocate, having traveled and lived in over 20+ countries, I have trained the U.S. Marines, Crossfit Games’ competitors, elite athletes, and individuals who are on their wellness journeys.

UNITED: In addition to my responsibilities as as an Operations executive, I thoroughly enjoy being involved in the community, mentoring, and working with related health-focused initiatives and country-level programs.

At Oryx Fit Africa, we specifically focuses on holistic health as an alternative medicine approach to improved wellness. My purpose is to connect with people like you!

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