As an award-winning powerlifter and head trainer working with diverse individuals all over the world, I am able to share my experience and tailor a program to fit your needs. When discussing a training program, I’ll understand what your goals are first. From there, we will work together in discussing realistic targets to help you dominate your journey.

One-on-One Coaching: I look forward to customizing a program that includes various strength and conditioning methods based on your fitness and wellness goals to help you achieve optimal results.

Elite Youth: Do you want to give your child an competitive advantage to become a better athlete and boost their confidence? This program for ages 10-16 years old) is designed to improve quality of movement and address the overall health for rapidly growing and developing athletes.

Advisor: Are you looking to start or enhance your sports or wellness program? I’ve initiated and revamped several programs in preparation for NBA Africa and BAL which also included the NBA Academy 18U vs. Team Rwanda. With my operational and business acumen, I have also been able to grow several wellness businesses to include Impano Sports Apparel. As sports continue to grow on the continent of Africa, our network of professionals will streamline resources needed to improve your initiatives.

Community Outreach: Oryx Fit Africa is committed to its involvement within the communities it serves through education of various health and safety topics and volunteer programs with at-risk populations.

Speaking Engagements: With a background in Sociology, I’ve been fortunate to speak to several youth groups, military personnel, and Corporations throughout Africa and the U.S. I would be happy to engage with you on your next project or team building event.

I will be honored to assist you or your team/organization in reaching your goals.
Please share details of your organization’s need(s) to obtain a quote for services.
I look forward to the engagement.

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